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Eyebrow Threading $16
Eyebrow Threading $20 (Male)
Unibrow $6
Upper Lips $8
Upper & Lower Lips $12
Forehead/Chin $10+
Jaw Line $15
Cheeks $15
Sideburns $15
Neck $15
Full Face with Neck $50


Eyebrow Henna $35
Eyebrow Tint $25
Eye Lash Tint $ 30


Classic Full Set $140
Eyelash extensions express set that last 2
weeks. Natural and single stands mascara look.

Classic-Hybrid Mix Full Set $180
Natural, fuller looking lash set. Mixture of
classic and some volume, adding a little
volume to classic set.
Lash Strip (weekender) $40
Lash strip applied to the lash line for a quick,
full and/or natural enhancement of the eyes
and lashes. Perfect for weekends and parties.
These are reusable and they are design to last
long, as they don't lose their shape, flare and
Extension Fill-in $65 to $85
Classic-Hybrid 2 weeks or 60% retention of
lashes are required.

Extension Removal $40


Lash Lift + Conditioner $100
Lash Tint $120


Lamination with Tint & Shaping $120


WAXING Womens Only

Full Arms $40
Including Hands & Fingers
Half Arms Lower/Upper $30/$35
Underarm $20
Full Legs $65
Including Toes
Half Legs Upper $45
Half Legs Lower $40
Inner Thighs $25
Standard Bikini Line $40
Deeper Bikini $55
Full Brazilian $65
Buttock Strip (Crack) $20
Butt Cheeks $30
Butt Cheeks + Crack $40
Upper Back $20
Lower Back $20
Full Back/Front $55
Shoulder $25
Stomach Strip (Happy Trail) $10
Lower Stomach $20
Full Abdomen $30
Nape of Neck $20
Full Face $55
Nose/Ears/Neck $15
Brow Shaping $20


Eyeliner Enhancement (Lash Line) $400
A Lash Line enhancement is a tight, thin
line that sits at the roof/lid of your lashes
and gives the illusion of the fuller lash line.
This also gives an appearance of Eye Lift.

Bottom Eye Liner $300
Tight line in between the lash line on the
bottom lashes.

Brow PMU/Microblading Touch-Up $150
6 to 12 weeks after the initial brow service.

Microblading (patch work) $350
Brow semi-permanent make-up by hair
strokes technique on bald patches of the
eyebrow. Specially created this option for
specific client's needs.

Eyebrows Microblading,
Shading, Ombre (consultation
is required) Starting at $500
1. Microblading is a hair stroke technique.
2. Shading means filling gaps of the
eyebrows to make it look naturally fuller.
3. Ombre is another modern technique
which gives the illusion of powder fill in
brows for denser look. The tail of the
eyebrows will be darker and fades into
lighter shade as getting closer to the front
of the brows. These treatments can perform
in conjunction with each other, depending
on client's situation and what they desire.
The price varies from $595-$750.

Corrective PMU TBD
To neutralize old PMU $50 - $100

Lip Liner $595
Creating a natural lip line that's
personalized to perfection.

Lip Liner Designer $695
Full lips include, Lip liner, Full shading
and/or Lip blushing.


Mini-Microderm Facial $85
In this 30-minute microdermabrassion facial using
Heena's protocol includes: Double cleanse,
customize liquid peel, diamond
Microdermabrassion and followed by finishing
products to lock in moisture and Glow.

Eminence Organic customized treatment $125
All Eminence Organic Facials are customized to
give clients optimal results based on your skin's
needs. It's a detailed oriented treatment and your
therapist will focus and/or treat conditions like acne,
rosacea, balancing, firming and brightening. May
use fruit enzymes or different modality to achieve
optimal results.

Energizing Turmeric Glow Facial $150
Natural gemstones are infused into a potent
formula that takes your treatment to a higher level.
This golden powder will awaken the skin bursting
with energy. Embrace the warm exfoliating sensation
which is specially designed for dull skin to reveal a
silky and healthy glow.

Red Carpet Firming Facial with oxygen $180
This 90-Minute Signature Facial is 4-in-1. This
luxurious facial starts off with a HydraFacial vortex
cleaning and exfoliation to clean pores, then
ultrasound to help promote micro-circulation and
skin renewal, followed by arctic berry enzyme peel
to brighten and tighten the skin. Skin is then treated
with oxygen infusion to plump, shrink pores and
calm inflammation. Blueberry stimulating firming
mask is then applied, followed by facial massage
and finishing products.

24 Karat Gold & Caviar Microcurrent Face-Lift $180
Pure hydration and indulgence! Anti-aging,
pro-radiance facial restores instant glow by
incorporating massage with gold leaves, caviar
extracts, peptides and hydrating acids, with
microcurrent face-lift to contour. Skin is visibly
firmer, lifted, even in tone and radiance.

Micro Needling (Collagen induction therapy) $280
Also knows as Micro channeling,
activates cellular regeneration and
provides unparalleled results to help
tighten and lift skin while minimizing
common skin problems such as acne,
scars,fine lines, photo-aging,dull skin,
poor texture and skin laxity. With very
little downtime & provide results that
speak for themselves. Treatment
include peel.
Neck and décolleté is included.

Series of 3 $675

Dermaplaning + balancing Facial $160
This technique is safely performed by
using a specialized surgical instrument
and disposable blades designed
specifically, for dermaplaning. This
removes both the peach fuzz and the
top layer of dead skin cells from your
face, leaving the skin rejuvenated,
brighter, and with a natural glow.

Series of 3 $475

HydraFacial MD, Deep pore cleansing $195
Call it a pressure wash for the face!
HydraFacial MD is one of the most
powerful, non-invasive skin resurfacing
treatments available today. This 60
minute treatment combines cleansing,
exfoliating, extraction, double peel,
hydration and antioxidant protection
that removes dead skin cells and
impurities, while simultaneously
delivering moisturizing serum into the
skin.Treatment include vortex cleaning,
exfoliation and extraction, double
peel, mask and LED phototherapy.

HydraFacial MD, Acne focus (35-minutes) $155
Call it a pressure wash for the face!
HydraFacial MD is one of the most
powerful, non-invasive skin resurfacing
treatments available today. This
35-minutes treatment combine
cleansing, exfoliating, vortex extraction,
peel, hydration and antioxidant
protection that removes dead skin
cells and impurities.
Recommend 4 series of treatment to
see significance difference in the skin.

Series of 3 $355

Signature Microdermabrasion with O2 infusion $160
Result-oriented 60-minute
specialized full facial helps
rejuvenate and refine fatigued and
sallow complexions. The 2 treatment
facial includes diamond
dermabrasion and oxygen infusion.
leaving your skin soft, silky, plump
and hydrated.

Green Peel by Dr. Schrammek (Additional
Facial after 5 days) $250
Get new skin in five days! Invented
over 60 years ago in Germany.
Purely Holistic, herbal and natural,
without acids or chemical additives.
Eight selected herbs containing
enzymes, minerals and vitamins
mixture allows the treatment to be
adapted to individual skin conditions
and personal treatment goals. one
Facial treatment included after 5
days of treatment.

Chemical Peel Advance $200
Medical strength Medium-Deep
peel. Corrective treatment for
compromised skin.

Series of 3 $450

Back Facial with Fruit
Enzymes/peel $150

This 60-Minute session starts with a
Cupping Treatment to clear lymph
congestion, followed by a thorough
cleansing of your back, gentle
exfoliation, steaming, extraction
(If needed) and a relaxing massage
with a customized mask. This
service will address breakouts &